Dian Hartati Poems

Translated by Kadek Krishna Adidharma

At Kawali, I Hunt Light

(Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Indonesia.)


where are you Pitaloka

I seek the meeting portal

Bearing an engaged heart that hungers not for power

thick night

I prepare to count every soul

of pure bodies layed within ancestral soil

journey upon journey have devoured all signs

what is the matter, how come the moon has not emerged from her slumber

nature remains trodden by the silence of insects

a breeze from afar

at the tows square

bright lights announce merriment

a procession of newcomers


I, the man from Javanese earth

have dissolved all contentions

hundreds of years of acrimony

of loneliness arising from the curse of gods

see my steps

led by flames, bled by yearly wounds

all the will of the universe

the supplications of Wastu Kencana upon losing his brother

I return to you

wagering all vows

—to forever be victorous in the world—


a gateway

young maidens bearing lanters

is that your incarnation

walking around my body

do they know, I have returned bearing unreqiuted love

if the kecapi song I hear is your signal

don’t hide any longer

i am visiting Sunda

a land so heavenly

where are you princess

why do I only hear the king mumbling

foreign language I do not understand

recounting the bubat war I created

boulders of greed

—promise violated—


These steps are getting heavy

and I no longer care

whether Kawali has cursed me


I continue to seek light

among stone

traces of the past

among the shade of trees

cyphers of the universe

where are you Pitaloka

I seek the meeting portal

The rift that rends love eternal

SudutBumi, August 2008

Source: Compassion & Solidarity (UWRF, 2009)

Translated by Yunizar Nassyam


(Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Indonesia.)

at home we visited
there was always a sceraming
never stopped
we were so miserably
can not think positively

a father with a belt in his hand
absorbed in rubbing the skin belt
his son be a most interesting place to hone
charred skin turned purple

a woman
always sharpening her vocal cords
she does not want to be a singer
but, the house became the main stage
children’s bored
the same voice be heard
in different days

we guest who even to be stupid
often see children writing on the wall
curse through wall posts
their parents never knew
illiterate imprison during the age

sitting in the living room
looked at the contents of cabinets wood
we found cracks in the rim of the glass
what a great voice of the woman
penetrate the teak cabinets and damage antique glass

so we had to use the bathroom
long journey made thirsty
want to drink as much as
in additions to the destination
we saw dozens of belts
stuck to the  wall
we shuddered wanted to get home

sound of sobs in the side of house
the children raise sadness
as guests, we are planning an escape
fear of regret if not save two lives

we ascape from acute ifnorance
as guest

Fefugee Space, 2012

Translated by Irfan Firdaus

Silent Path

(Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Indonesia.)

choose the silent path
when cheerful fills your heart

cause the silent trace always becomes shadow
as the perched birds come into the time sign

choose the eternal cave
it’s on your heart
as big as the real world

SudutBumi, February 2008

Translated by Irfan Firdaus

A Prayer
(Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Indonesia.)

is there the holiest word, but prayer?

made me drop the tears
Made my body warm by your words

is there hint from the prayer you sent to me?

SudutBumi, July 12th, 2008

Translated by Irfan Firdaus

The Glass is Broken Again in My Home
(Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Indonesia)

the glass is broken again in my home
it hurts my body as it’s ticking
as if I’ve wounded myself

break again and I continue my sorrow

I keep it like I save the memory
I warn my tongue like I talk to you

it’s a witness
when I cooked in the kitchen
see the guests come visiting a lot
when you spilled anger in home

I myself choose the glass
when we went shopping in mini market last month
when rain pours hard
when caterpillar pest come to threat

the glass is broken
lost all the memory
the wasted pieces
like our conversation
it’s broken a moment

SudutBumi, 2011


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